Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tree stand safety

These days most hunters are doing so through the use of a tree stand. These are great for many reasons. First they keep you out of the deers normal field of vision, secondly they keep your scent raised to make the hunter stealthy, and thirdly they give the hunter a larger viewing area. With this said, tree stands are not all fun and games. They can be very dangerous if you're not cautious. Most accidents happen while climbing in or out of the stand. To prevent this, simply make a solid way up using sturdy materials. A lot of hunters will also injure themselves with strap or chain on stands. If one part of the hardware used in these stands fails, then the whole assembly goes down, along with you. If you can avoid using these types of stands than do so. The safest tree stand by far is the ladder stand combo type. These provide a solid ladder to climb and a seat that leans on the tree. They come with a tree anchor to further stabilize the stand. A safety harness is also a great addition to protecting ones self. Make sure to slide the harness up the tree until it is snug when you are in your hunting position to shorten the fall and snapback.